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It’s My Birthday So Let’s Celebrate

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There are two great days in a person’s life — the day we are born and the day we discover why. — William Barclay

Today’s a very special day. Yes, today is my birthday. And like on any birthday, I like to think back on the past year: all that I’ve learned, how I’ve grown and what I want to accomplish during the upcoming year.

Last year, I launched this very blog, The Chief of Style, a project I’d had in mind for so long, but was too scared to pursue. I never wanted to put my name on something that wasn’t of the highest quality, so I made excuse after excuse for not actually doing it…until I ran out of excuses.

In July, we went live with something I was proud of. I still have a lot of growing (and perfecting) to do with my blog, my Instagram and my brand overall, but I’m happy with what I’ve done thus far, in under a year, with The Chief of Style.

I’ve also learned a lot about myself this year. After having my heart broken (I mean, completely shattered), I refocused my attention on myself. I became my priority again and focused on loving myself more, just as I am. Instead of picking myself apart, the time I spent looking in the mirror was dedicated to noticing all of the beauty that I saw in the reflection looking back at me. I unfollowed folks on social media whose posts made me feel less than and I began following folks who inspired me to be great and reminded me that I already am. I began really and truly loving myself inside and out. I even gained some weight (thanks to the breakup), but have never loved myself — or my body — more.

And then, I was invited to join Parfait Lingerie’s “Perfect Figure” campaign which was a game changer for me in so many ways. Besides being photographed in my underwear and having those photos shared with the world (literally), through our ongoing partnership where I blog about all kinds of things under photos in their lingerie, I started to reflect on the many ways I wanted to love myself and the reasons why doing so is so critical.

I kind of feel like the last 33 years of my life were a practice run and now it’s time for the real thing. Armed with more knowledge, a lot more experience and a hell of a lot more confidence, I’m ready to take on this thing called life. And I’m so excited to share each and every move with you.

So, please stay tuned, babes!


chief of style Amy Stretten in a birthday photo holding balloons in front of the Paul Smith wall on Melrose in a red plus size jumpsuit from fashion nova curve

chief of style Amy Stretten in a birthday photo holding balloons in front of the Paul Smith wall on Melrose in a red plus size jumpsuit from fashion nova curve

Outfit details: Jumpsuit: Fashion Nova Curve | Shoes: A’gaci

Springtime Feels in Lane Bryant’s Plus-size Military Blazer

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Spring. That magical time of year when the weather begins to warm up, flowers begin to bloom and fashion gets fun again! And, in Southern California it’s when the weather starts to get HOT! This week, temperatures were as high as 90*s, so I can’t even imagine what summer will be like. *cue sweating emoji*

But, what I love about spring is temperatures are usually still reasonable, perfect for warm-weather clothing. And, on a breezy day, you can still rock a cute blazer like this one without having to wear a coat over it (inevitably causing wrinkles) like you do during the winter.

Here’s a random fact about me: I absolutely LOVE military styles. Besides camo patterns, I love brass buttons, crisp lines and that uniform look. It’s a timeless combination. So, when I learned that Lane Bryant was selling a plus-size double-breasted military blazer ($89), you know I just had to have one. Or three. Yes, I have this blazer in potpourri pink, black and white. If only they made it in red. Le sigh…

I paired the jacket with my new pair of cropped pants from Fashion Nova Curve, a pair of heeled sandals and one of my favorite tote bags from Pour La Victoire. (I’m often impressed with the clothes Fashion Nova sends me. These pants look way more expensive than they are. I think they were about $26.)

All in all, this is a super easy, casual-yet-put-together look that’s perfect for Sunday brunch. (Sunday brunch tends to be the look I’m going for. If an outfit is Sunday brunch-approved, I want/need/gotta have it.)

As an note for those of you who may not be feeling this blazer in pink, black or white: Lane Bryant sells it in gray and navy blue.

So, where would you wear a military blazer like this one? Have you already jumped on the trend? Let me know in the comments!




Amy Stretten Chief of Style in Palm Springs, California wearing plus size clothing by Lane Bryant blazer and Fashion Nova Pants with a Pour La Victoire tote bag 

Outfit details: Jacket: Lane Bryant | Shirt: Forever21+ | Pants: Fashion Nova Curve | Necklace: The Limited | Shoes: Agaci+ | Bag: Pour La Victoire