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5 Ways Thigh Society Slip Shorts Will ‘Save Your Life’ This Fall

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Thick thighs save lives, right? While it’s true that having thick thighs is awesome, it can also be…well, complicated, especially when it comes to wearing skirts and dresses.

I don’t know about you, but I hate chub rub. That’s why I love Thigh Society! They make really great slip shorts (not to be confused with shapewear) that are perfect for keeping your inner thighs protected when wearing your favorite skirt or dress during warmer months when chafing rashes are a big concern. But they’re also great for colder months and a variety of uses, too!

  1. I love wearing Thigh Society slip shorts as temperatures drop because they keep me warm under my clothes and they are great when worn with a flowy skirt or dress in the event that the skirt flies up during a strong Fall breeze.
  2. They can be worn like underwear thanks to the inner cotton gusset. And, say goodbye to panty lines because they don’t have seams.
  3. They’ll keep your panty hose from slipping down. (Thank goodness because that’s really the worst!)
  4. Because they’re made of a thin, but not sheer moisture-wicking material, you can even wear them when working out.
  5. They’re so comfortable, you can wear them as pajamas.

Thigh Society slip shorts are lightweight, breathable and incredibly comfortable. Made of a nylon, spandex and cotton blend, they’re virtually weightless and feel like second skin. They won’t ride up or fall down and because they’re not shapewear, they don’t pinch the skin or create a bulge at the waist or thigh.

They come in regular rise (7.5” inseam) and ultra high-rise (9” inseam) and in several colors: black, beige and caramel. Thigh Society slip shorts cost $34, but if you sign up for their mailing list, you can get 10% off your first order!

You’d better believe I’ll be wearing my Thigh Society slip shorts under my holiday dresses all season long!


Amy Stretten, The Chief of Style, fighting chafing chub rub with Thigh Society slip shorts

Amy Stretten, The Chief of Style, fighting chafing chub rub with Thigh Society slip shorts

Amy Stretten, The Chief of Style, fighting chafing chub rub with Thigh Society slip shorts

Thank you to Thigh Society for sponsoring this post. As always, these are my true and honest opinions.



How to Prevent Chafing This Spring and Summer

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“I didn’t choose the thick life, the thick life chose me.” -Unknown

Chafing. It doesn’t sound pretty and it’s not. Heck, it’s practically a four letter word. Nobody likes it, but most people have to deal with it at one point or another. And, no, chafing isn’t just a plus size problem. I, too, used to think it was, but people of all shapes and sizes experience painful skin-to-skin rubbing — especially during warmer months and/or during exercise. Unless you have a serious thigh gap, you’ve probably felt that uncomfy rub between your legs.

Thankfully, there are a lot of solutions out there and, lucky for you, I’ve tried them all: Creams, deodorant sticks, biker shorts, thigh bands, panty hose, baby oil, skipping a skirt and wearing pants…you name it. I’ve tried every solution I could find. (The thick thigh struggle is real, y’all.)

Here’s a list of my most favorite, go-to products when I’m sick and tired of wearing pants and ready to show off my legs: (Click on the products to learn more about them.)

Body products: There are oily sticks and powders in this category that could truly change your life. My number one favorite on this list is MedZone. It lasts forever and is easy to apply. They even carry products that treat irritation spots if you have any.

  • ChafeZone

  • HER stick

  • Gold Bond Friction Defense

  • Monistat Powder Gel

  • Monkey Butt powder


Shapewear: Shapewear can provide a dual purpose. It both smooths your figure (which is great for when you’re wearing a bodycon outfit) and it can provide relief from chub rub. Some people detest shapewear, but I personally love feeling sucked in. More than anything else, it helps my posture which is key for me because I have lower back issues. #TMI? Anyway, shapewear can be your best friend if you’re into it.

  • Spanx

  • A million other name and non-name brands like these by Vassarette


Shortlettes: The cousin to shapewear. They look similar, but they aren’t as tight. They rest against the body (rather than hug it) like a slip…but shorts. Slip shorts!

  • Undersummers

(Thigh Society slip shorts are only sold only on their website. Click the link above for more information.)

  • Bandelettes lace panty shorts

  • Jockey Skimmies


Thigh bands: In a category of their own is Bandelettes. This is one of my most favorite and sexiest options for combating chub rub. These are great for a flirty, lacey peek-a-boo under a short dress or skirt and make a great alternative to shortlettes because, well, they’re just sexier. So, no worries about wearing them on a date because you’ll still feel like a million bucks underneath your clothes. Best part of all, they do NOT roll down as long as you measure yourself correctly to get the appropriate size for your thighs. (Hey, that rhymed.) What’s more is, Bandelettes also makes a non-lace, fitness-friendly version, perfect for summer workouts!

  • Bandelettes thigh bands

So, which product(s) do you think you’ll choose to help you keep the chub rub away? Let me know in the comments!

Whether you wear shortlettes, shape wear, thigh bands…or use a good old chafing stick, I hope you have a fabulous Spring and Summer rocking those bodacious legs of yours for all the world to see!


Outfit details: Dress: DressBarn | Shoes: Marc Fisher/DSW | Shortlettes: Undersummers

Photographer: Tresla @CurvyKimchi