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Farewell to Summer 2017

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“It’s always summer somewhere.” – Lilly Pulitzer This summer has been really incredible. Life changing even. I launched my blog in May and continued to grow my Instagram following over the next few months all while working with new and established brands, growing my own reach, and establishing The Chief of Style as a legitimate blog and brand of its…

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Out of the Blue

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This isn’t going to be a post about body positivity – per se. And, I won’t try to explain (once again) how revolutionary (to me) it truly is that I not only wore a cobalt blue lace romper on the streets of Downtown LA that showed off my legs, but I let someone take pictures of me…and then I posted those pictures on the Internet (un-retouched no less)…and why you should, too! Nope, this isn’t that post.

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Welcome to The Chief of Style!

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“It always feels great to be at the start of something new. It’s almost like a revolution, in a way.” – Freida Pinto Welcome to The Chief of Style, a plus size style blog that celebrates self-love and body-positivity! Here, I’ll be sharing my personal style choices as well as tips and tricks for other curvy fashionistas. And, I’ll be bringing…

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