13 Reasons Why You Should Watch My Kohl’s “Who I Am” Episode

Amy Stretten self-love body positive plus size fashion kohl's campaign with attn production

So, I did a thing…

I recently shared my journey to self-love and acceptance in a national Kohl’s ad.

My story is episode 2 of the “Who I Am” campaign: a series that explores identity and, in my case, how it pertains to self-expression through fashion and movement.

Thank you to Kohl’s for sharing their large platform with me so that I could promote the importance of self-love and body acceptance. I incredibly happy with how it all came together. The commercial production team at attn: was behind the project. They absolutely slayed this project from start to finish! So, I’m incredibly grateful to them, as well, for helping tell my story.

Here are 13 takeaways / reasons why you should check it out:

*Trigger warning: A few mentions of diets, Diet Culture, problematic eating, etc.*

  1. Hating yourself is stupid. It won’t make you [a healthy / sustainable version of] thin and it won’t make you happy. Trust me, I know.
  2. Being stick thin shouldn’t be “the one and only” beauty or body ideal.
  3. Growing up, I was insecure about my body / size. I believed my body was “The Problem.”
  4. I created @ChiefofStyle on Instagram (and eventually ChiefofStyle.com) and only followed other body positive and self-loving accounts. I then started taking and sharing photos of myself wearing cute clothes I thought I could only wear “when I lost weight.” The support and encouragement I received from the community I was a part of helped me see that I’m beautiful as I am, inside and out. Being received so positively jumpstarted my journey to self-confidence. It wasn’t the only thing to get me where I am today, but it was an important piece.
  5. Healing, growth, and transformation doesn’t have to be painful all of the time. It can be fun, too.
  6. The Chief of Style began as a “Fake-it-till-you-make-it ‘self-love’ project.” And, it’s been a chronicle of my journey to self-love.
  7. I’m so grateful to be even just a small part of someone’s reason for finally wearing a two piece swimsuit on their summer vacation. Or, their inspiration for not covering their arms when they wear their favorite tank top. And, for letting the younger version of myself know she didn’t need to shrink herself to be worthy or loved.
  8. Fashion is a creative outlet for me. I love how a well-styled outfit can set or match a vibe.
  9. Style is a language. It’s a way of connecting with others and expressing oneself. How we dress communicates who we are and how we wish to be perceived.
  10. I was a dancer growing up. One day, my dance teacher told me I could be a professional dancer…if I lost weight. It affected me negatively in countless ways, including being one of the main reasons I restricted calories, punished myself with exercise, and yo-yo dieted throughout my teens and twenties. I’ve since learned to never let someone’s projections make you hate yourself.
  11. I started dancing again a few years ago. Dancing (and movement, in general) is now much more about how I feel in my body than trying to shrink myself or compare myself to someone else. And, I now no longer care about other people’s opinions. It’s incredibly freeing!
  12. Dancing with other women of all sizes, especially other plus size women, has given me the confidence to further love myself and my body as-is.
  13. White supremacy, capitalism, and the patriarchy want us to hate ourselves (that’s how they’re designed). But, you can choose not to. Suffering is optional. I promise, self-love is the better choice.

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Without further ado, here is “Who I Am” Episode 2, featuring yours truly…


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