Matching Sets We’re “Set” On For Fall!

Don’t miss out on this season’s latest fashion trends for the fall season and changing of the weather!

Featured sets from Target, Eloquii and Dressed in Lala.

Fashion trends frequently change, especially with the coming and going of seasons. What’s typically hot for the fall season are sweaters, baggy jeans, and a pair of tall boots. But, recently, everyone’s been going wild for matching sets. From monochromatic neutrals to eye-catching bright colors and unique patterns that really make a statement.

Matching sets have taken over the fashion world because they’re comfortable and easy to wear. They can be found in a long-sleeve long-pants style, or even in shorts and short-sleeve top combos. No matter what type of combination you’re looking for with a matching set, there is something out there to please everybody’s fashion taste. Best of all, they are offered in a wide range of sizes, for all genders, and all ages!

Check out some of the latest matching sets that are perfect for the upcoming fall season!

Where to Buy Matching Sets

Getting familiar with where you can purchase matching sets is your first step to looking amazing this fall season!

Matching sets have taken over the world with their easy and ready-to-go style perfect for any season. Image courtesy of Coveteur

Finding the matching set that best identifies you and expresses your style is important to feel bold and confident. Matching sets are currently trending, but knowing where to purchase one is essential, and with many online retailers and physical stores, it is easy to find them!


The best place to look if you’re interested in purchasing a matching set for the upcoming fall season is through Shopbop. This online retailer allows customers to sort for matching sets by size, color, or designer but you can also find everything from other types of clothing, shoes, accessories, and even handbags as well.


One of the best online retailers to check out is Poshmark because not only does it allow you to purchase matching sets that have been slightly worn by other people, but you can also sell your own merchandise too. You can look through their clothing, shoes, handbags, and accessories and sort by price or designer, and tons of matching sets are offered. 


Another great option that often gets overlooked, but is a great place to check out is Ebay. Known for being an online retailer that sells everything from fashion, electronics, appliances, figurines, and even antiques, there are many options of what people can purchase. Many people on Ebay sell their slightly worn matching sets and you can find designer ones for an incredible price.

Physical Stores

There are also a ton of options for finding matching sets in physical stores so you can try them on and see if it suits you and your style. Sometimes trying on something in-person can help determine if it is the right fit for you, while also making sure that you find the right size too.

Some of the best physical and online stores that sell matching sets include:

The Best Matching Sets for Fall

A matching set that fits you best for this upcoming fall season is essential to get!

Image courtesy of Eloquii.

Matching sets are in for this upcoming fall season and come in many styles, patterns, and colors to create and make your own.

For the upcoming fall season, it is crucial to get the latest and trending matching sets that are out there. Make sure to check out some of the best matching sets that we’re obsessed with right now!

Denim Matching Set

An all-denim matching set is a bold look that many people may want to take on, like this one made by Simkhai. Image courtesy of Shopbop.

If you’re looking for a bold look this autumn, then the Simkhai Kota Bustier and Axelle Utility Cargo Pants are a definite “add to cart.” Coming in a navy blue non-stretch denim, this strapless matching set comes with an enclosed zipper at the front of the bustier with relaxed-fit for the pants. This is a bold look that can be worn anywhere to make you feel confident when you pair it with your favorite heels and a clutch. 

Cute Matching Set

Sometimes a jacket and skirt matching set is just what you need to complete any fall look this season. Image courtesy of Shopbop.

There are many options for matching sets, but one that is very common is the jacket and skirt combo. The Aje Surrealist Quilted Shaket and the Mini Skirt are a great example of this that provides a tawny brown color perfect for fall to represent the changing of the leaves. Both are made out of a lightweight non-stretch quilted weave that is both beautiful and perfect for all-day comfort with fall weather.  

Going Out Matching Set

Many people love matching sets that are perfect for going out, and a long-sleeve and long skirt option are great for the fall. Image courtesy of Shopbop.

Sometimes a matching set can be the best outfit to wear when you’re looking for going out with your girlfriends or even your significant other. The Alexis Hela Top and the Franki Skirt make for a fun combo with a lightweight knit material for comfortable wear. The fabric also features tonal fuzzy stripes to add some texture and a slight pattern, and the skirt is unique with its see-through look from the upper thigh down to your ankles. 

Luxe Velvet Glam Skirt Suit Set

Many people love matching sets that are perfect for going out, and a long-sleeve and long skirt option are great for the fall. Image courtesy of B.Yellowtail.

This stunning velvet ribbon blazer and velvet ribbon skirt with fringe from Native American fashion label, B.Yellowtail is a modern take on a traditional cultural style and a Chief of Style favorite. Both pieces are available for pre-order now.

Faux Leather Matching Set

Sometimes a good faux leather matching set can make you feel unstoppable with its high-fashion look. Image courtesy of Eloquii

If you are interested in a faux leather look that is both fashionable and can be worn for multiple seasons, then the Baum Und Pferdgarten Bathlide Jacket and the Scyler Skirt are for you. Both the jacket and the skirt are made with a mid-weight non-stretch faux leather in a unique crocodile pattern that can be worn for get togethers with friends, a date with a loved one, or to visit family for special occasions.

Business Casual Matching Sets

Matching sets are great for women who need something new to wear to a job meeting for business casual affairs. Image courtesy of Shopbop

For any business events, including dinners, meetings, and even for everyday office wear, a matching set can be the best thing to wear. The Vince Wool Single Breasted Blazer and the Brushed Wool Mid Rise Wide Leg Pants are the perfect combination for a simple business casual outfit  to show off your sophistication. The blazer features long-sleeves with button cuffs and padded shoulders, while the pants have an elastic waistband for comfortable all-day wear. 

Sporty Matching Set

Working out is an important daily activity that many people do, and a matching set can come in handy. Image courtesy of Shopbop.

If working out is a huge part of your everyday life, living in sporty clothing such as sports bras and leggings may be what suits you and your style best. A tank top and leggings matching set is crucial then where the Varley Always Surrey Bra and Always High Leggings 25 will be your best friend. Both the top and bottom are made out of a lightweight jersey  and moisture-wicking material if you are actively wearing it to workout in. It also comes in a dark brown color perfect for the fall season. 

Stylish Matching Set

Stylish matching sets that are good for numerous occasions are great to get, especially for the fall season. Image courtesy of Shopbop

Jacket and skirt matching sets are in, but plaid ones are great for a sophisticated business casual look, or even to wear for special occasions. The Moon River Plaid Tailored Blazer and the Pleated Mini Skirt are both great selections with the jacket providing a comfortable oversized look, and the double belted waist to add more fashionable details to it. Both are made out of a mid-weight non-stretch twill material that is lined, ensuring that it will last for a lifetime. 

Fun Matching Set

Fun matching sets that feature a unique pattern or a pop of color are great to wear for the upcoming change of the seasons. Image courtesy of Shopbop

Matching sets can be fun to wear when they feature unique colors or patterns, and Significant Other’s Ginny Sleeved Top and the Ginny Skirt are an example of one of them. This matching set has two-toned panels that have a couple shades of green and made out of a mid-weight ribbed knit for comfortability reasons. The skirt has a thigh-high slit to provide a sexy feel to it and the top has a mock neck and long sleeves. 

Comfy Cozy Matching Set

Image courtesy of Summersalt.

The coziest cashmere blend hoodie and jogger set (sold separately) from Summersalt is great for at-home lounging and running errands around town without compromising on style, warmth or comfort. There’s nothing better than looking cute and feeling comfortable in what you’re wearing – even if you’re just popping into the grocery store. Summersalt offers that and more. And, they’re size inclusive, too.

Matching sets are in this fall season and getting your hands on one to feel sexy and confident is crucial with the changing of the seasons. Get your hands on a designer matching set ASAP!


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