Plus Size Inclusivity in Queer Fashion: A Virtual DapperQ Panel

Amy Stretten Chief of Style and DapperQ panel on plus size inclusivity in queer fashion

“I love your stuff, but you don’t make my size.” — Jahn Hall (and just about every plus size person at one point or another)

Hi friends! How are you holding up? Did my post on the importance of self-love during the COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine ring true for you? Are you finding ways to enjoy this time rather than complain about it? I certainly hope so!

Out of sheer boredom (and because my friends have told me to do so for years), I created an Instagram account (@thebabyvalentino) for my chihuahua-pomeranian fur baby, Valentino. Take a look and follow if you love cute things! 🙂

Last weekend, I joined DapperQ’s Anita Dolce Vita, Dr. Van Bailey (Bklyn Boihood), Kay Ylanday Barrett and Jahn Hall in a virtual conversation about plus size inclusivity in queer fashion. So many great points were made! Here are a few takeaways:

  • The majority of plus size fashion brands do not consider their LGBTQ+ customers.
  • Most LGBTQ+ fashion brands do not offer extended sizing. (The same goes for sustainable fashion brands.)
  • If you’re plus size and LGBTQ+, you will probably have to get creative if you want to look and feel like your best and most authentic self.
  • Plus size LGBTQ+ folks shouldn’t have to work so hard just to feel good in the clothing they wear!
  • Brands need to do better!
If you’ve got a minute, watch the entire panel discussion. For more on queer fashion, visit DapperQ‘s website and follow them on Instagram!


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