Time to celebrate! The Chief of Style is a DapperQ Instagrammy Winner

Time to celebrate! The Chief of Style is a DapperQ Instagrammy Winner

“The small wins, the tiny triumphs, the everyday victories. Celebrate them, they will take you there.” Unknown

I’m really excited to announce The Chief of Style has been named in DapperQ’s 2019 Instagrammys as “Best in Insta Femme!”

From the publication:

“DapperQ published our very first article in 2009, a full year before the 2010 launch of Instagram. Back then, and even for a few years after the initial launch of Instagram, the term “Instagram influencer,” was not even a thought in our minds, and we certainly did not anticipate Instagram would become such a powerful image (and now video) platform that would play a significant role in the democratization of beauty/fashion, creating communities of common values, and empowering individuals to become the creative directors of their own style.

This year, we celebrate our second annual “InstaGrammys” as part of our ongoing effort to archive the contributions of queer style to art, activism, and social media. Of course, as a volunteer collective (many of us with full-time jobs outside of dapperQ), it is virtually impossible for us to be fully aware of ALL the queer style influencers across the entire Instagram platform. (So, feel free to leave suggestions of other influencers in the comments section below.) But, we did want to give a year’s end tip of our hats to the influencers that have inspired the dapperQ team and our readers. Note, we did not include other digital magazines (such as Qwear, which is an important platform to our community), but decided to focus on individual influencers out there changing the landscape of fashion through personal style, stylish travel, and life+style Instagrams that are beautifully and thoughtfully curated. Here are dapperQ’s 2019 queer style Instagrams of distinction.”

Thank you to DapperQ for the honor for the second year in a row! I really put my heart and soul into the work I create and I’m incredibly hard on myself. So, I’m happy to know that other’s find value in my voice and connect with what I say.

Head on over to DapperQ to check out all of the other phenomenal content creators who are proudly taking up space and giving a voice to the LGBTQ+ community (and all of its intersections).


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